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Everyone loves feeling safe. The very idea of insecurity can make your nights sleepless and your days uncomfortable. How better to feel secure than have your doors well fastened at night and your car safely locked and packed at you garage? However, this may not always be the case, we lose keys, cars get stolen, and doors get jammed. That is where locksmiths come to the picture. A locksmith in general terms deals with locks, be it those of cars, house-doors, motorcycles, you name it. It is a professional job, and you should never kid yourself that just because you can pick locks, you are a locksmith. There is so much more than lock picking in locksmithing.

Our specialties

Installing new locks
Sometimes you want to change the existing locks for your own personal reasons. Or maybe you've just finished building the new house and you certainly need a lock system. We at Locksmith Canoga Park specialize in put in new locks and what makes us unique is, we will advice you on the best locks to buy. You shouldn't compromise your safety by buying cheap knobs that can be easily pulled out. We also look out for damaged locks and replace them. We not only do this on your doors, but your windows too.

Locked out?
The realization that you have been locked out of your house or car can be exasperating, maddening even. But it happens, most times without intending it. We can break into your car without damaging anything of course or your house and get your keys for you. While we are at it, we may make an extra pair for you to avoid future inconveniences. By the way, no lock system is too complicated for us. So instead of trying to break in yourself and damaging the locks in the process, or climbing in through the window, why not call Locksmith Canoga Park?

Putting in security access controls
We not only deal in doors and windows, but also, we understand that due to technological advancements some people prefer having the CCTV system in their homes and offices. We are vast in installation of alarms in your home and vehicle, car tracking system, and we are also qualified in safe services. As such, these are very risky areas and you will need a professional who has your best interest at heart.

Auto-locksmithing services
Apart from getting locked out of your car, there are car associated security issues. If you need to change your car locks due to lost or stolen car keys, we are here for you. In addition, keys may be jammed at the door or ignition or broken parts of the key trapped there. We can re-programme your car for the new locks or ignition and get you going in no time.

Locksmith Canoga Park is located in multiple parts of Canoga Park and this makes us prompt in responding to you wherever you might be. We are also available all through, day or night and work on weekends too. We do not over-charge and if you feel dissatisfied with our services, we offer a warranty period. As we are made up of a team of skilled and equipped personnel, we guarantee to fully satisfy you. Remember, the precondition to freedom, is security.

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